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“We’ve got several areas we can assign,” said ranger Kevin Hamrick, noting he’s already assigned groups to work at Blackwell Swamp and Arrowhead Landing.Volunteers should meet at the Visitors Center to receive assignments, and pick up safety gloves and trash bags.Decatur police charged a Huntsville man with criminal mischief after he allegedly crashed his vehicle into Decatur General West on Saturday.Dennis Griffith, vice president of the behavioral medical center, said police told him the man was driving about 40 miles per hour when he hit the entrance.

“He took out the front lobby, went across the hall and into a concrete wall,” Griffith said.According to police reports, Kirk Samuel Furgeson, 40, of 4401 Sparticus Drive S.W. drove his Dodge Neon through the entryway of the facility at 5:39 a.m. Decatur General West is at 2205 Beltline Road S.W.No one was injured. Griffith said the security guard had left the area to help with a patient, and the receptionist had not arrived.Furgeson ran from the scene, Conveyancer Fees and officers found him walking in the Huddle House parking lot, according to police reports.

Lt. John Bradford, public information officer, said Decatur police are not releasing Furgeson’s motive.The three men flown to Huntsville Hospital on Friday afternoon after they wrecked in downtown Athens and became trapped in the car are out of the hospital.The car’s 24-year-old driver had two identifications in his possession, and police are trying to determine his real name, Athens Police Capt. Marty Bruce said.At the hospital, he used a different first name and the last name Ortiz.

Bruce said the men were in a car traveling west on Fourth Avenue.The driver of the van, John Mark Zirbel of Athens, was not injured.A multitude of wrecks closed Interstate 65’s northbound lanes in Cullman County on Saturday night.According to state trooper reports, a vehicle rolled into the median at mile marker 296, south of the first Cullman exit.There also were fender benders in the southbound lanes due to motorists trying to see the wreck scene and not paying attention to the road, according to reports.

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Many recent toll projects in the country have not met their traffic projections and these situations should be reviewed closely before proceeding with this project.That the company identify other funding sources and discuss them; That the proposal clarify responsibilities for the cost to operate, enforce and maintain the road, including the state’s role for public safety or highway patrol functions; Discussing incentives or disincentives for the road designer, Licensed conveyancer and contractor to stay on schedule; Discussing who has the authority to condemn the required property for the road;

Considering separate design teams for each of the road’s five sections instead of two proposed; That the cost of any environmental mitigation required be identified; That the schedule includes time estimates for all planning and approval tasks.Decatur Engineering Department Director Richard Grace, who helped plan the briefing to area leaders, said the companies addressed several of the memo’s concerns, including liability for the bond payoff, the need for an investment grade traffic study and potential use of federal funds.

Koch officials presented a plan that was largely a turnkey operation with little responsibility on local governments, he said. Koch officials also noted that a construction decision would be based on an “investment grade traffic and revenue study” likely to lower the estimated vehicle-use numbers questioned by the memo.”I reviewed those comments, but I didn’t think they were necessarily appropriate at this particular stage,” Grace said.I didn’t think that forum was the time and place to ask those questions.

Taking a closer look at design and inspection costs projected to be 25 percent of the construction cost;  There is still a lot of work left to be done to form the authority and to get to the investment grade study portion of it.There would need to be a lot of legal assurances made during this process to make sure the liability doesn’t fall back on the taxpayer.Federal and state law enforcement officials completed a seven-month drug investigation with the arrest of 16 suspects, including an Eva man.

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McCarl said the objections to his contract could delay Corridor X, a project that will improve the highway connection between Birmingham and Memphis. “There is nobody else around who seems to be able to do this particular job,” McCarl said. The panel also delayed a $33,000 Transportation Department contract with Robert Adams of Montgomery, to train “flaggers” in highway construction zones.

conveyancing_servicesTransportation Design Bureau Chief Don Arkle said the Conveyancing Process department’s employees don’t do the training “probably because they are working. Dixon also complained about the State Department of Education paying out $300 a day, for up to 22 days for a total of $14,875, for retired Exxon executive J. Kenneth Kansas of Princeton, N. J. , to help with a new math, science and technology initiative.

The Alabama Department of Examiners of Public Accounts issued a critical audit Friday of the Limestone County Water and Sewer Authority. In that audit, Authority Manager Robert Chandler Jr. , his son Robert Chandler III, and Brian Barrontine were ordered to repay a total of $14,377. 54 in questionable reimbursements and pay. Examiners also raised the possibility that the ethics law may have been broken. In addition to the questionable reimbursements and pay, the audit — conducted for the period of Oct. 1, 1997 through Sept. 30, 1999 — found irregularities in bidding, improper equipment use and questionable purchases. Attempts to contact both Chandlers, Barrontine and authority Chairman Bobby Gilbert for comment were unsuccessful Friday.

Examiners ordered Robert Chandler Jr. and Robert Chandler III to repay $9,623. 17 after payroll records indicated Robert Chandler III was working full time for a local service organization while still shown as working for the authority in August 1999. The audit said that evidence also showed that Robert Chandler III’s employment did not comply with authority policy and that he was paid for work that wasn’t performed. Examiners found inconsistencies in reimbursements for cellular telephone use by Robert Chandler Jr. and Barrontine.

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We help them with their social skills, their writing skills and their emotional skills and their fine motor (coordination) skills. Although reading is an integral part of a child’s Head Start experience, Davis said that none are able to read when they enter kindergarten; at least not words. “We go to the center for story time where we will have a book of the week,” she said. We read to them and they’ll look at the pictures and they’ll read the story from the pictures.

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Area Head Start programs are accepting applications for the fall. There is no deadline, but Head Start classes begin at the same time that classes begin in the host school system. Parents who submit their application after the available slots are filled will be placed on a waiting Conveyancing list. The Community Action and Community Development Agency of North Alabama sponsors Head Start centers at Moulton and Hillsboro in Lawrence County, and at Danville, Cotaco, Hartselle and three sites in Decatur.

Head Start is a national program that provides development services for low-income, preschool children ages 3 to 5, and social services for their families. An article in Thursday’s DAILY on the Moulton Head Start program should have said some of the children are able to read before they enter kindergarten. And Sen. Richard Shelby, R-Tuscaloosa, spoke in favor of funding the project. Kadish declined to answer publicly, but said he would brief her in private on the estimated percentage.

Feinstein and Sen. Byron Dorgan, D-N. D. , suggested the most imminent threats involving weapons of mass destruction don’t come from other nations or ballistic missiles, but from terrorists using unconventional means. Dorgan called a missile warhead the least likely nuclear threat. Republican members of the Appropriations panel on defense projects defended the program’s cost and timetable. They argued the most expensive part of the project is building the interceptors, and it’s impossible to know a success rate until that part is finished.